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Why you should have  Wedding Video 

  •  A wedding day is one of the most important occasions in your lifetime, that should forever be remembered in the hearts and minds. Yet with each passing day human memory drifts away and some things are not as lucid as they were the day of the event. A wedding DVD will allow you to relive the magical moments of the day for many years to come. Without video, the vows you made to each other, the first dance, the speeches, and the whole wedding day can never be seen or heard again, they will only exist in your mind
  • As the years pass, your wedding video will be the only way the next generations can hear and see how your parents and grandparents walked, and talked and laughed, and perhaps how they cried with joy as well - on a day that will live forever in your memory.


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Why Should you Choose Us ?

  • First things first ... we are affordable because we are solo operators. We are experienced and professional enough to work on our own and therefore don't need a second camera person to run around for us and assist us or give us moral support.  Let's be logical two people are going to cost you twice as much as one experienced cameraman (we have been shooting weddings for 24 years now!) so do you really want to pay for two camera persons at your wedding
  • Weíre entirely unobtrusive. We work in  the background, because that's due to our experience. We  donít embarrass people yet we capture the most poignant moments of the day.  We add elements that only people with our experience can offer - Our unique VIDEO GUESTBOOK with your guests during the pre-dinner drinks will bring delight for years to come as we record their candid comments and well wishes. We will still do an intimate and personal shoot on our stedicam rig so you get romantic footage to satisfy your creative needs (Click here to see an example of a Stedicam Photoshoot). This way you get meaningful visual memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.
  •  We film your wedding in documentary style which means that we capture all events with live sound the way it's meant to be and not just shortened DVD with bits of footage set to popular music often called "wedding films" which tend to show off the videographer's artistic skills rather than portray the wedding memories as they really happened.
  • We record everything using two Professional Sony High Definition cameras and use professional radio microphones to capture every word with absolute fidelity.  Weíre professionals in every sense. We respect the solemnity of the ceremony, whether thatís in a church or in a civic venue.  We donít make a noise or move around disturbing the moments youíve planned as the focus of your wedding day.
  • We never quote you an hourly package! We work by event which means that that if your reception runs a bit late you still get all the important events covered correctly and don't have your video/photo guy telling you "Sorry your time is up, it's 10pm and you only booked a 6 hour package" Regardless of whether your First dance happens at 9:30, 10:00 or 10:30pm we will be there to do it without charging extra time!
  • If you choose our combined photo/video option we shoot your preparation, ceremony and group formal photos on Professional Nikon Cameras without any fuss and make sure we all enjoy the experience. When we are not capturing special moments on video, we are doing it on stills so your entire wedding is covered by two experienced photographers.  We do not run a business and then hire "freelancers" to do our work for us. The person you see at your consultation will be the person you have at your wedding and the very same person will liase with you and deliver your product personally to you.
  • As professionals we charge competitive prices and donít ask for the final payment until you get your DVD's - why should you pay for something thatís not even recorded yet?  We donít charge you extra for getting there early, nor do we expect to be paid extra for recording a part of your celebration if it goes on a little longer than expected. If you need us to wait between the ceremony and reception, yes, we will wait and we won't charge you extra either.
  • Perth seems to be notorious for poor customer service but we have changed that!! We will come and see you at your own home at a time that suits you, morning, afternoon or evening and when your DVD's are ready we will also drive out and personally hand them to you. We also will attend your rehearsal on site as long as we are free on that date. 
    What does this cost you ..NOTHING! All our consultancy, rehearsal and delivery is cost free and obligation free.
  • You have probably heard about wedding DVD's that take 6 weeks to be delivered, sometimes even 6 months or longer! That doesn't happen with us! Your DVD set will be at your door within SEVEN DAYS OF YOUR WEDDING. ( If you are on honeymoon they will still be ready the moment you return.)
  • You are our client and it's our policy to give you the best ever customer service you have seen, and at no extra charge!!
  • We are a full time wedding video operation so you are not dealing with people working a job and doing weddings on the side! We are available whenever it suits you because wedding video is all that we do. We can see you mornings, afternoons or evenings..whatever suits YOU the client!!
  • If this all sounds too good to be true, itís not.  This is the way weíve always worked and the way we intend to go on working.  Itís the other video people whoíll have to change. We really are the best value in wedding videos and remember our promise, we wonít disappoint you.
  • Now here is an extra bonus for you
  • We can also do your still photography on our professional Nikon still cameras for you at a huge cost saving. Bear this in mind ... we are already at your wedding and we sit and wait for your normally expensive photographer to finish the formal groups before continuing with more video. Doesn't it make sense to let us do the photography for you, instead of paying thousands extra for a photographer, since we are already there? Photos are of course high resolution DSLR images taken completely independently from video with professional Nikon equipment. All packages with combined video/photo will always have two operators, one on video/photo and an exclusive photographer. For details of our Photography only Packages/Samples please visit our website at :


         Please use the QuikLink Icons below to look at Prices, Samples and check if your Date is free and then make a Provisional Booking to secure your date



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